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Different Types Of Black Note E-juice

ertyjuhgfThis is an e-juice that is naturally extracted from tobacco. It is usually crafted by tobacco experts, and it is majorly meant to be enjoyed by tobacco enthusiasts. By using the most natural methods, the manufacturers ensure that they capture the true tobacco essence. This will, in turn, ensure that the vapors have the best of the tobacco experience. To achieve this, the black note uses the finest of the tobacco leaves available that have undergone 6-8 weeks of cold steeping.

The steeping process ensures that the aroma and taste naturally develop while preserving the natural tobacco signature flavor. Hence there is no need for artificial tobacco flavoring.

Black notes maintain to be the only tobacco e liquid that has undergone lab testing, and it is therefore certified as the only natural e-liquid. It is free from harm causing substances that include Diacetyl and Acetyl. So you can use your vape without any worries. There is no artificial additive in the black note juice thus you should be assured that what you are getting is a pure e-juice.

Here are the different types and flavors of the black note e-juice


This is a uniquely sweet Havana tobacco e-liquid with has a mild spicy aromatic flavor that is in most cases complimented by smoky but dense undertones. This has enabled it to gain recognition across the globe. This tobacco is grown in the moist tropical climate of Havanna. It has gained a good reputation across the globe since it is regarded as the world’s most flavored tobacco. It has a very strong Cuban aroma cigar flavor that you can feel by only smelling the bottle. This particular e-liquid has a very strong throat heat ensuring maximum satisfaction. It is particularly recommended for those ex-cigar smokers.


If you like you can give it the description of being air- cured and undergoing natural fermentation. It also comes with smooth but rich undertone flavor of the finest red burley. A century-old process is used to achieve the deep fruit hints flavor. The resulting experience is a not to be compared vaping experience that gives one the feel of what the world’s premium tobaccos can offer. This is one of the finest of pipe tobacco flavors that is available. It has an earthly appearance that gives the strongest throat hit. It also has a slight fruity like twang that gives a great compliment to the earthiness of the juice.45tyujghfgdf


Most of the people who are familiar with it refer to it as being sun-cured. It is described as being highly aromatic and also has a mild spicy. Some tobacco experts describe it as being the world’s finest tobacco. This particular tobacco leaf is exclusively grown in the mountainous regions of northwestern Greece. Due to its flavor, it is commonly referred to as the king of tobacco. This one is the favorite of all within the black note range. This is the type of juice that can be recommended for an individual who has cravings for a cigarette. It has a taste and smell that is close to a real cigarette.

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