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RSA Certificates – Preventing Drunk Driving Accidents And Saving Lives



Many people usually consider the bartender to be something of an unofficial party master, someone who is there to create the perfect party atmosphere by dispensing alcoholic beverages. However, what most people don’t realize is the fact that bartenders carry a big responsibility of ensuring the well-being of all those they serve. In fact, before any bartender can start serving alcoholic beverages, they are required to obtain an RSA certificate ( Responsible Service of Alcohol). This certificate is one of the main requirements for those who intend to serve, supply or sell alcohol drinks.

RSA certificates

33litoi4uThe full coverage of this certificate is pretty extensive, and it covers everything from licenses, floor staff, bar staff and security staff to owners or managers, promotional staff, and volunteers. Simply put, the main purpose of an RSA Certificate training program is to adequately prepare all the staff for the responsibilities that come along with supplying, serving and selling alcoholic drinks.

Drunk driving accidents

According to the latest studies made by the Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport, and Regional Economics, there has been a notable decline in fatalities caused by vehicle accidents. But, according to the statistics and various data provided by the Transport Council, operating vehicles under the influence of alcohol is still at the number 2 spot of the leading causes of car crash fatalities.

With this in mind, it is easy to see why RSA certificate training programs are still considered necessary. Despite the fact that there has been notable progress in reducing the number of car accidents and fatalities, it is still necessary to enforce appropriate measures that will prevent incidents related to drunk driving.

The goals of an RSA certificate program

There are a large number of various RSA Certificate training programs available, such as the RSA Bendigo. While they have their differences and specific details, they all have one thing in common, and that is to train bartenders, as well as other members of the staff, to responsibly supply and serve alcoholic drinks to their customers. Among other things, this also includes identifying the situations where it may be potentially dangerous to serve another drink to a particular customer.

In general, the goal of an RSA training program is to give a trainee all the necessary knowledge about the effects of alcohol on the human organism, the means of preventing excessive consumption, as well as the methods of refusing to serve drinks to intoxicated customers and minors. It also covers the advantages and responsibilities of having an RSA certificate, as well as the methods of dealing with dangerous or harmful situations.

One drink does make a difference

22port-o50-The phrase “Drink responsibly” is not mandatory exclusively for alcoholic beverage advertisement campaigns. Driving while intoxicated is the main ingredient for a fatal car accident – for the driver, their passengers, as well as pedestrians. It can be quite easy and simple to misjudge an individual’s alcohol intake and come to the conclusion that one drink will not make a big difference.

In most cases, it is exactly that one drink that makes a difference when human lives are at stake. With this in mind, the next time you are having a good time at your favorite bar and the bartender refuses to serve you with another drink, remember that they are not trying to ruin your evening. Instead, they are trying to protect your life and the lives of others, by simply doing their job.