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An Ultimate Guide To Dry Erase Paint

Dry Erase paint is the glossy smooth coating that is applied to surfaces to make them writable. It is efficiently formulated with low odor, and it is environmentally friendly. As a beginner, it can be an arduous task to apply to create a whiteboard wall with this paint particularly without the right information. However, this guide will make you realize how easy and fun it can be to work with dry erase paint.

A guide to dry erase pain

How to prepare for dry erase paint

fdgdfgdfgdfgdffdgCheck the shelf life of your paint, the longer, the better. During mixing, follow the manufacturer’s instructions keenly for the desired result. It is important to ensure that the surface being applied is clean, with no debris or dust and smooth. Any fixtures such as light switches and cables must first be removed to avoid having them painted. Tape off the area that need the application and cover the areas that ought not to be painted.

How to apply the dry erase paint

Application is done using a good quality all-purpose painting brush or any non-flint roller. During stirring ensure minimum air gets into the paint. For best results, apply the paint using smooth strokes up and down your surface. On an already well-painted surface, one coat is that you will apply.

But for the surface that had not been painted well previously, you will first need to apply a primer then finish with a second coating to give it that perfect glossy look. Avoid leaving drips and run-offs for excellent results. Allow the surfaces to dry naturally. Do not use fans to induce during as this interferes with the natural humidity recommend for good quality drying. Leave the windows open to ensure plenty and free circulation of air. Dispose of the painting brush and tray by the laid down regulations of your area of residence. The application process is simple to follow, and therefore no expert knowledge is necessary, anyone can do it.

Reasons to use the dry erase paint

  • It transforms ordinary surfaces into writable surfaces
  • It facilitates free movement while teaching or illustrating a point
  • It creates writing surfaces of any size and color
  • It make learning, teaching, and presentations more enjoyable
  • dfgdfgfdgdfgdfgdfgThe writings and marking are easily wiped
  • It fosters creativity and inventiveness for individuals as well as groups
  • It is cost effective and durable because it makes use of already available spaces that would otherwise be underutilized such as walls
  • It gives one the freedom of choosing where to hold discussions from, where to teach and learn from and where and when to brainstorm.
  • It makes imagination limitless in children because they have all the space to draw, learn and write

Where to buy dry erase paint

Dry erase paint is now available in online shops in various quantities and colors at amazingly affordable prices. All you have to do is place your order, and we will have it shipped to your destination.

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