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Things You Must Never Do As A Cat Owner

If you own a cat, there are three things you must never do. Read the article below for the tips.

How to treat a cat

Never allow you cat to roam around

This might be the most controversial advice in the article. Cat behavior experts and veterinarians believe that cats should stay indoors. However, a large percentage of cat owners let their cats free. Some term locking then inside as abusive. A large number of cats get hit by vehicles, get poisoned, attacked by coyotes and dogs when outside. All the above happen by accident or on purpose. This is to mean you are threatening and shortening the life of your cat by letting it roam around. To improve and make the life of a cat lively inside, buy toys, scratching walls, climbing trees and such. You can let them play outside but with cat fencing, as you keep watch on predators.

Never punish or scare your cat

The easiest way to kill the relationship between you and your cat is by scaring her, shouting at her or hurting her. This is to mean, punishment is not the only way to changing a cat’s behavior. Constant punishment makes you appear a horrible person, and the cat will decide to stay away from you. Shaping a cat’s behavior is only achieved through treats and praises. Threats instill fear and stress in cats. Create a peaceful surrounding that allows a cat to be a cat. When a cat is happy, it is healthier and will make you happy too.

Never overfeed your cat

You might have heard veterinarian’s constant talk about the weight of client’s pets. Cats get the extra weight from overfeeding. Giving extra food makes the life of a pet miserable and short. Many pet owners never understand this no matter how hard vets try to explain. Overweight cats suffer from feline arthritis. The only way to make sure that your cat is healthy and does not suffer from diabetes is by limiting the amount of food they eat. You have all authority to control the health of your cat.